moxie_man (Aldin on furry groups) (moxie_man) wrote in scouters,
moxie_man (Aldin on furry groups)

District "Rainoree" this weekend

Our district's spring camporee is this coming weekend at our local summer camp, Camp Bomazeen, on the shores of Great Pond of On Golden Pond fame up here in Maine.

As usual, it's going to rain in buckets. (chuckle) I am a district volunteer and a couple years ago, I got tired of others complaining that we should have a 'rain date' for our district events.

Well, I have two degrees in meteorology and for fun, I did some research. In summary, it don't matter what weekend we go, there's a VERY GOOD CHANCE that it will rain (or possibly snow). :)

The moral: Be Prepared

Personally, we need to drop the term "camporee" and use "rainoree" instead. :)

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